London is always a good idea! Stays buzzy, everything I’m staying here!¬†Work is one of the main reasons I have to travel to London, but it never feels like “have to”, because I really love this city. Every time I’m here I also try to stay longer to explore a new area.

Barber¬†& Parlour – Is it a barber shop, a cinema, a shop or a lunch room? It’s everything at the same time! They have very best salads and fresh house pressed juices. – 64-66 Redchurch street

Victoria park – Far away from the busy touristic centre you’ll find Victoria park. Little lakes, very good running loops and lovely tearooms.

Mash Steak house – Burgers are very expensive (30-50 GBP), but they’re worth it! If you don’t want to spend all your money on one burger, go here for the cocktails! Brilliant! – 77 Brewer street